We have big dreams, great enthusiasm and an immense determination to make an offroader that can beat the toughest of the terrain. And no, we are not German Engineers with state-of-the-art labs and millions of Euros at our disposal.

We areĀ Baja SAE IIT Delhi, Team Xpeeds, a team of dedicated undergraduates drawn from varying disciplines of engineering from Computer Science to Civil Engineering and from Mechanical to Textile Engineering.

Ever since the establishment of Baja SAE IIT Delhi in 2004 by a group of dedicated automobile enthusiasts, there has been no turning back. The team has been going from strength to strength, winning accolades in each field of its activity.


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The rugged, lightweight, single seater buggy has been built on a shoestring budget of 300,000 Rupees only (~$5300).

Powered by a 10hp Briggs and Stratton naturally aspirated petrol motor, the 300 kg vehicle can easily achieve a top speed of 60 kmph on the most unforgiving of terrains. The custom-made shock absorbers ensure that the jerks and shocks do not reach the driver.

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  • Second in Servicability(Baja South Africa 2006)
  • Second amongst Asian Teams(Baja SA 2006)
  • First amongst all Indian Teams(Baja SA 2006)
  • First in Design(Baja India 2007)
  • Fifth in Design(Baja South Africa 2007)
  • Fifth in Endurance Race(Baja India 2007)
  • Fourth in Innovation and Design(Baja India 2009)
  • Fifth in Weight List(Baja India 2009)